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Restoring Performance

A few weeks ago I reloaded my iMac. I backed up the important files and reloaded a fresh copy of macOS onto my aging iMac. Prior to the reload, the machine was unusable and would just sit with the spinning ball whenever I tried to launch an application. Now, after the reload, it is once again a useable piece of hardware.

I decided to do the same thing with my iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch (yes I am an Apple fanboy) and this morning I took the plunge. My iPhone is an older 6 Plus, not the newer 6S Plus or iPhone 7 and I was hoping to see an improvement in its performance. I am only adding back apps as I need them and my home screen is clean and uncluttered, prior to the resets I had pages of home screen apps and most of the apps I didn’t even use.

The next item in my list of resets is to look at the social networks I’ve joined over the years, and which ones I get value from. Then I’ll delete my accounts on the rest. We’ll see how that works out with the fear of missing out. The first step is to see which apps I reload on my phone again. None so far, but I’ll give it a few days before I start deleting accounts.

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